EULA (End User License Agreement)

EULA (End User License Agreement)

With the installation of Application Software PPOB mbayar us assume that you have read and agree to the License Agreement.

By approving this agreement, you are legally also agreed to comply with all laws which apply to all content / service / software provided. By using the content / services / software that we provide, users automatically have approved regulations and approvals which we define below.

1. All provisions in this agreement is made for the establishment of the basic rules of the terms of use of all content / content / software that we provide.

2. Without prior notice, we can turn some or all of the contents / content / software services as well as the official website PPOB Persada with the aim to improve the quality of service to customers / users.

3. Users (Users) agree and agree to release management, staff and business partners from the demands and losses we incurred due to the actions, behavior or misuse of this application due to the use of applications that do not fit our guidelines.

4. We are not responsible for resolving all forms of conflict between users and any third party. We are also not liable to compensate any caused by such things or are caused by misuse of the application software.

7. Software is a software application mbayar PPOB unpaid (freeware) that may be downloaded, tested and used by anyone who plans to use the services PPOB Persada.

8. If after downloading and testing and did not require the user of the software, users must perform Uninstall according to the instructions we provide in the application package.

9. The application software may only be used in accordance with the instructions and only to be used as an application PPOB transaction (Payment Point Online Banking) which is under the control and management PPOB mbayar (

10. Users may not modify, disassemble or reverse engineer the program for any purpose.

11. Support for the consultation we provide on the official website PPOB mbayar ( and can via the contact is provided on our website.

10. We reserve the right to improve and change this Agreement at any time. Users are required to always check our website are provided on a regular basis to see and do a review of this legal agreement and other information.


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